Monday, October 12, 2015

Black Lives Matter 'Heroes' In The Making

I am guessing that either or both of the kids teens young men vile creatures fucking animals suspects in the video accompanying this linked article could become the next poster-boy(s) for Black Lives Matter. Just think of what probably would happen if one or both of them resisted arrest and got shot dead by the police; especially the one with the kind of sort of almost heavenly baby-face. My guess is that he (or both) would immediately be praised as a good little teenager who loved his mama and was ever so good to his granny, who always did well in school, who never did drugs and always did good deeds for the community and who had dreams of being Obama's son if not his heir apparent. His accomplishments would be praised even though most likely nonexistent and his potential for being a contributory member of society would be mourned as being cut down just as it sprouted.

All that despite the apparent fact that all he may have ever accomplished was allegedly being part of a crime duo that reportedly assaulted an old lady resulting in her winding up with a broken wrist because she resisted savagery. Of course, the media would do as usual and post about how the big bad racist police shot down an innocent unarmed (or armed - since it matters not to the media) teenager or teenagers (if indeed they are teens) for no justifiable reason. 

Yep, I think either or both of them have be excellent potential to become the next Black Lives Matter heroes. Other than that they stand a good chance of winding up receiving Darwin awards if they keep coming across folks who resist them and who fight back.

All the best,
Glenn B

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