Sunday, August 30, 2015

Pondering Race Baiting And Calls For Gun Control As of Late

I remember seeing it said by the leftists, in several places and in several ways, that when a white guy kills people, white people excuse him as a lunatic or mentally ill but when a black guy does the same then white people brand him as a vicious criminal. Of course, the implication being that whites are racist and always treat blacks in a racist manner. However, once again, the leftists' drivel has been proven wrong since almost everyone, including white folks, is calling Flanagan a mentally ill psycho regardless of his racist motives and there is not one white person rioting over the two recent killings of whites by blacks. Of course though, the left is blaming the killings on guns and not on the criminals or on the fact that violent crazy people are allowed to roam the country at will.

It always amazes me how the media and politicians can twist things. 'If it does not fit into your agenda, then twist it to make it fit.' should be the motto of the media, the left, the liberals (not always on the left mind you), the politicians - both Democrats and the Republicans (in recent years since almost every Republican politician is a RINO).

I am proud to say that I am an independent without party affiliation although I am considering registering as a Libertarian. That's because today both major parties are pretty much one in the same in their sole goal - which is more power for them at the expense of the We The People.

All the best,
Glenn B

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