Wednesday, August 26, 2015

My Apologies - It's An Email Thing

So there I was without my laptop for just over a week and a half and what was I to do but be dependent on my new smart phone for things like email and surfing the web and staying in touch via email. All seemed well, at least until today. One would think, me at least being the one, that a smart phone would be smart enough to synch all of one's emails. Sadly, that evidently was not the case with my phone and thus another black mark against ATT and now Samsung too (since it's a Samsung Galaxy S6 Active phone). I only realized today that I had not received all of my emails on my phone while my laptop was being repaired. The reason I realized that is because I received an email today, referencing another one supposedly sent to me while I was dependent on the phone, that I never received on my phone. While I was certain of not ever seeing it on the phone, I decided to check anyway. There it was among all of my emails in my inbox when I looked for it while signed on with my laptop but there it as not when I looked for it on my phone. I looked in the spam folder and in the trash folder too but it was not there at all when connecting to my email account with my phone.

I wondered if it was a glitch that involved only that one email or if it also encompassed others so, I checked further. At first glance, it would appear that in the period of about 11 days approximately 50-60 emails went unseen by me because they were never displayed when I checked my account with my schmart phone. That lot included all sorts of emails from personal ones from friends and acquaintances, to updates to various online accounts, to ones related to purchases I made, to out and out crapola spam. My apologies to anyone waiting for a reply to their email(s) to me to whom I did not reply in a timely manner due to the glitch.

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