Tuesday, July 14, 2015

That Winchester Model 37 12 Gauge Shotgun - The One I Almost Sold Last Week...

...one week ago to the day - it just sold a mere 24 hours, 23 minutes and 24 seconds after I put it up for auction on GunBroker.com. That as opposed to having it listed in a local gun site's for sale forum and all that followed. It even wound up fetching the 'Buy It Now' price which was $50 more than the starting bid price and more than I had asked on the gun forum. Evidently, the person who bid, must have known a decent deal when he saw it, and he hit the buy it now icon. Sure, now I have to fork out some cash to pay GunBroker their fees but that will wind up being less than $10.00 total for the listing fees (basic listings are free but I added some extras) and the final value fee (which is based on a percentage of the selling price). GunBroker's fees are very reasonable.

I will wind up with more than I had been asking on the forum and quite a bit more than I paid for it a few years ago. I probably could have gotten even $50 to $100 more even though it is in fairly rough condition cosmetically (although it operates excellently). Regardless, I decided to try for a quick sale and not be greedy. I gave an honest and thorough description of the shotgun and posted several pictures and it sold quicker than anything I have put up on GunBroker before. Of course, now I have to wait for payment, a copy of the appropriate FFL and ID and such from the buyer and then will have to pack and ship it but that is all right on target when selling through an online auction house. The deal should be completed to delivery within about 10 business days or so if all goes well.

I have sold several items via GunBroker and as far as I recall, I have only had one deal go bad when one person bid on it, another sent his FFL and payment saying it was for him and when I questioned that he said something like it had been his daughter who had been bid on it but he was buying it. I had to say sorry Charlie and leave it at that. I notified GunBroker that there had been a discrepancy, that I was not paid nor would I accept payment from anyone but the actual bidder, and they refunded whatever was the final value fee they charged and relisted it for free. It sold shortly after that. I expect this transaction will go smoothly though as have all the others, except that one, that I have done through GunBroker.com.

So, I anticipate but am not yet counting some of that cash going toward the credit card bill for two other guns I bought recently. I'll even have almost half of it leftover because I already put almost everything I owe for the other two guns into my savings account already!. Hmm, I guess that means I can use the other hald to pay for the Sight Mark Ultra Shot QD Digital Switch reflex sight I ordered yesterday! I am a happy camper shooter. 

All the best,
Glenn B

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