Thursday, July 9, 2015

Remington Model 241, The Speedmaster Diassembly - Assembly (the short version)

Finally got around to doing a fairly decent detailed strip of my Remington 241 Speedmaster after only owning it for just over 9 years. (If you want to know the detailed reason as why that took so long, read the long story in the post directly before this one.)

In brief, the reason it took almost a decade was that I did not know how to do it until today. I found a YouTube video about taking down and reassembling the Browning SA22, which is close enough to the Remington 241, to give me the knowledge and confidence  to try it. While there were notable differences relative to the takedown method and to bolt removal, the innards were similar enough to have everything go the same for the disassembly to the point he did it in the video. Reassembly was a breeze, just as he showed it, with the only pain being getting the recoil spring back into place. Really, that was fairly easy too once I gave it about 5 seconds of thought and maybe because unlike the guy who made the video, I had
wiped the oil off of my fingers. before dong it.

Here's the video:

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