Sunday, July 5, 2015

Doctors Asking About Your Guns

Has your doctor or health plan ever asked if you own a gun? I had a doctor or three ask me that over the years. Once doc asked me as she was examining me, I told her that I had it with me at that very moment. She was okay with that being that she usually dealt with responders to the WTC attacks on 9/11. Had another doc (actually a radiologist) ask me about guns once, I think it was because I had a NRA or hunting magazine with me when I was in his office. He asked out of mutual interest, he owned quite a few himself. Other than that I have rarely been asked about guns by any doctors treating me.

If a doctor asked me that today, I think I'd either answer that I had a nice machinegun at home set up on the second floor to sweep the street out front or that it was none of his friggin business. Then, I would probably report the doctor for an ethical violation. Unless I am seeing a psychiatrist for emotional or mental problems, it really is none of my doctors' business whether or not I own guns and even then it may not have anything to do with my treatment. So, unless for some reason I decide the bring up the topic, it should not come up for discussion in my doctor's office nor in his waiting room as a question on a form I need to fill out.

An interesting and somewhat informative article on the subject of doctors asking patients about guns and what you can do about it can be found at this link.

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