Sunday, July 5, 2015

A Symphony Of Shooter Errors...

...but I have to give her the fact that there are evidently at least two range officers overlooking her shoot like that without correcting her. People shoot either as trained or as ignoramuses without proper training, I am not sure into which category she fits - maybe both.

All the best,



SSN said...

Shit, I was watching it on mute until I realized it was a cop from Brazil (I'm Brazilian).
The two other guys there only told her (twice) to keep her finger off of the trigger, but they didn't seem concerned at all about the way she was holding the gun.

But anyway, I don't think she even qualifies to be one of your "finger on the trigger girl" as she makes too many mistakes :-).


Glenn B said...

The more I watch that, the more amazed I am that they even let her look at a gun let alone hold one. Those instructors are the kind I want training my enemies and she is the type of shooter I would want to face if put in a bad situation.

As for her being a 'finger on the trigger' type girl, not on my blog.