Friday, May 15, 2015

If You Pocket Carry A Pistol...

... why in Heaven's name would you place anything else in the pocket along with the pistol unless it was a pocket holster? When I pocket carry, and I sometimes do so for various reasons even if rarely, the pistol is the only thing in the pocket. I make sure not to have loose change, pens, pocket knives, lint or anything else in the pocket that could plug the muzzle, in some other way interfere with the operation of the pistol, or that accidentally could activate the trigger. Keeping something else inside you pocket with your handgun would be like buying an oversized holster and placing other items into it along with the pistol. I'm pretty sure no one does that yet plenty of folks seem to place other things into pockets in which they are carrying a firearm when the firearm is not also contained within a pocket holster. Think about that and hopefully you will realize just how dangerous and ridiculous it would be to do so.

One guy has possibly learned his lesson or will learn when and it soon if prosecuted and sued, and I suspect he will be subjected to both. It has been reported that a man, inside of a hotel lobby, reached or his wallet which was in the same pocket as his Glock 9mm pistol and when he fished around for, or pulled out, the wallet the gun went boom. He reportedly injured himself and allegedly injured four others, including two young children, probably with splatter from the shot or from floor tiles that were hit by the bullet. (Source.)

Hell, just sitting down and the corner of the wallet accidentally pressing against the trigger might have discharged a Glock (or other various pistols)  carried like that. How frigging clueless someone can be as to firearms safety relative to their particular method of carry for their particular gun, especially when pocket carrying, is beyond me.

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Glenn B

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