Friday, May 15, 2015

He And Society Would Have Been Better Off...

...had he been given a longer sentence, one running through every day of the week for the time frame to which he was sentenced and that also included a mandatory drug rehab program. Yet, the man who reportedly plead guilty to attempted grand larceny for allegedly having stolen 454 bronze grave markers and flag holders from the graves of veterans in eight cemeteries, and then selling them as scrap, reportedly has been sentenced only to spending his weekends in jail over a four month period and to financial restitution (source). Maybe, had he been forced to undergo drug rehab, and stay incarcerated until straight, he would have been sober enough when released from jail to go out and find a job. That way there might actually have been a snowball's chance in hell that he would be able earn enough to pay back for those grave markers after his release. As usual though, it once again appears as if NY has played softball with a lowlife junkie who resorted to slimeball crimes o feed his habit. Thus, I imagine, there is a good chance this guy will not change due to his weekend imprisonment and likely will commit more crimes upon his release.

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