Tuesday, May 12, 2015

I Wonder - Was He Cuffed Hands Behind His Back...

...or did they have him cuffed in front on his way to the jail, that being after they first suspected he might be concealing something in his crack of doom. I would hope in front with a chain around his waste to which to secure the cuffs. Anyway, it has been reported, that when Darquan R. Lee was arrested last week, in NJ, police suspected something was foul when he requested to use the restroom but then refused to use it once the officers told him it would be searched before and after use. He was subsequently taken to jail and the officers advised jail personnel that they believed he was stashing something in his crack. A search by jail personnel revealed a loaded 25 caliber pistol shoved between his cheeks and apparently partially within his anus. Talk about living dangerously.

I wonder, had the pistol managed to somehow discharge while it was so concealed (which may have gone unnoticed by police until too late because the sound may have been silenced, or at least muffled, if the bore was up his wazoo), would claims of police brutality, chants of killer cops & hands up don't shoot, and race riots have ensued. I mean, could you imagine the police officers, who would have been involved, trying to explain that one and get folks to believe them. Had it gone off, I am pretty sure that there would have been: claims being made of how saintly had been Darquan, at least one town burning in NJ and several cops charged with murder or manslaughter by now.

Sources are NJ.com and The Bridgeton Police Department Facebook posting (for May 9, 2015).

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