Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Firearms Safety Rule #1: Mind Altering Drugs/Alcohol & Gunpowder Do Not Mix

That mind altering drugs/alcohol and gunpowder do not mix should always be considered one of the primary rules, if not THE primary rule, of firearms safety. You should not handle guns after having imbibed alcohol or taken mind altering drugs. The reasoning behind that claim is simple. Once you are under the influence, to any degree, of alcohol or drugs your judgment and your ability to pay attention to things goes to shit is incapacitated.

Take for example this past Saturday's case of the young man who reportedly pointed a new shotgun at his younger cousin and then pulled the trigger. He allegedly shot his younger cousin in the face. This was allegedly done while they were talking about hunting and after he had had a few beers. The younger cousin is now dead, he passed away yesterday. (Source.)

Your attention to all the rules of firearms safety can go right out the window, faster than a speeding bullet, if you are stoned, and that without you even realizing it. Stay safe and keep others safe too - don't drink or take mind altering drugs and handle firearms (or ammunition or its components) - otherwise the next funeral you attend may be for one of your family members or another loved one.

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Glenn B

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