Saturday, May 30, 2015

Felonious Bumper Sticker

The psycho-Freudian-fanatics are at it again, this time claiming that the application of bumper stickers, window decals, or other symbols to your motor vehicle are an indicator that you are more apt to commit road rage than someone with no such crap applied to their cars. More here.
I've witnessed road rage more than enough, here in NY especially in the Rotten Apple, to know that is a lot of balderdash.
Hand slamming down on center of steering wheel, pressing on horn, horn blaring BEEEEEEP, BEEP BEEP, BEEEEEEEEEEP, window rolling down, driver's head sticking out, spittle flying, yelling "F-you you moron" as  the driver's middle finger flips into the general direction of the jerk driving the Prius and not a single bumpersticker on the car of the guy doing all that.
It's just more psycho-babble as far as I can see but you can bet that the police will use it in court, to convict some nut job of road rage related crimes, sooner or later. That is if the psycho-Freudian-fanatics buy into it to any great extent. Then again, maybe they have a point, don't the police have all those decals all over their cars and wear uniforms and badges and... That could explain a lot of things about all of these questionable  beatings and shootings by police lately.
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Glenn B

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