Friday, May 8, 2015

A Few Of My Favorite Blogs

A few of my favorite blogs and bloggers:

1. Knuckledraggin My Life Away There may be a better overall blog on the Internet that combines patriotic content, gun stuff, snarky remarks on current events, images of camel toe & titties, and humor but I have not found it. Wirecutter (Ken) is a proclaimed IIIper and I am sure will be a Iper should the SHTF in the form of a national crisis spurred on by tyranny or a societal breakdown. At great risk to me of being spied upon by the NSA, DHS, FBI and whomever else - this is probably number one in how often I visit any blog.

2. Double Nickel Farm I don't visit Jen's site nearly as often as Wirecutter's but I enjoy it, more than any other blog I visit. Jen is a true and dear friend even though we have only met via the net; so, anything she writes is of interest to me. She helped me out spiritually, morally and inspirationally when I was down in utter misery with stage 4 C. I don't know if I can ever express my thanks to her and her family as much as I owe them. She is truly an excellent friend, wonderful mom, great patriot, decent to excellent cook and one heck of a farmer (and now a budding artist too). She, her husband Bill, and their children (now all grown) are in my heart forever.

3. MArooned: One of the most well written blogs on the Internet with lots and los of firearms content and commentary of current events. I would imagine that Jay G was able to land his job at the NRA, at least in good part, due to this blog. Jay is also a friend, a good one at that. We have only met a few times (think Northeast Blogger Shoots and another in West Virginia) but I think we have developed a good bond in person, via our blogs and by way of Kilted To Kick Cancer (in which Jay kilts up annually). He also co-hosts The Squirrel Report on Thursday nights; the show is worth a listen.

4. Cap' Bob & the Damsel and The Wandering Minstrel  I combine both of these blogs as one essentially because they are a husband and wife thing. I met Bob and Damsel (I am embarrassed I cannot remember Damsel's real name) out in Arizona, I guess it was in 2009. Two very nice people who blog about firearms, politics, astronomy (especially about happenings on old sol), flora and fauna of AZ and on their lives in AZ in general. I have visited AZ numerous times for extended periods and short trips alike, and love the memories that are stirred within my psyche each time I see a photo of a cactus bloom, or of a reptile, mammal or bird native to the state of Arizona on either of their blogs. I think they were the first bloggers I ever met in person and have to say they are very nice folks indeed.

5. The Feral Irishman Yet another darned good blog with the right leaning libertarian political stance and patriotism as a couple of the main themes mixed in with some great humor and some excellent images among other things. Friday Femme Fatale is also one of my favorite  the blogs extremely enjoyable features. Damned blog takes a virtual cyber-forever to load but is well worth the wait.

All the best,
Glenn B

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