Friday, May 8, 2015

To SG and Others...

...and you all know who you are. Please stop sending me your repeated emails and comments asking to me to link to your blogs, or to write posts for your blogs, or to place advertisements for you or your affiliates here on my blog. I do not do requests.

I appreciate that some like TG would like me to write an article about firearms or firearms related gear. I have considered doing it now and then but have not yet, except for the Firearm Blog, and probably never will again do so unless I initiate it. So TG, give it a break and please stop sending me emails.

As for SG (not a typo, I mean SG not TG in this instance), yes especially to you SG, you sir are a pain in the neck (to put it mildly) with your repeated comments and emails in which you all but beg to be included in my blog roll. You are so much of a pain in the neck that if I could somehow blacklist your blog, I would consider doing so. I have told you "" before in response to your requests. Yet you do not take 'no' for an answer. Persistence will not get you what you want with me since I do not intend to give a link to your blog.

Has my previous answer of "no" been so difficult for you to comprehend that your must keep sending me your requests or is it you are just that full of yourself and that much of a spoiled brat that you think pestering me with your arse kissing will make me break down? No matter how much arse kissing you do, with your repeated and annoying form letter type emails and blog post comments (yes I have discovered you send virtually the same arse kissing requests to other bloggers), I am not about to link to your blog. So take this as more than just a hint and please stop making a nuisance of yourself.

Glenn B