Wednesday, April 1, 2015

If This Doesn't Make You Wonder... least one or more of these:
Does he live near you?

What the fuck is wrong with this guy?

How much did he get paid to pose like that?

Should you call 911 or handle him yourself?

Which caliber would take him out the quickest?

How high he was, and on what, when this shot was taken.

What you would do to him if you saw him, in that get-up, wading toward your (or anyone's) kids in a pool.

And if instead you think even one of the following thoughts:

He looks cute.

Is he available?

I wonder where he got his outfit?

At which Walmart does he shop because you'd like to shop there too.

Which delightful torture devices he on his nipples under those pails and on his slong under the monkey covering?
Then there is little hope for you ever being a conservative let alone a functional member of humanity and you will remain either a liberal leftist loon, or a flat out pervert (of any political leaning), forever.
All the best,

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