Monday, April 27, 2015

I Never Thought Of George W. Bush As A Great President...

...and in my esteem he was mediocre at most times and average to good at best; I believed him one of the most liberal or left leaning Republicans I have ever seen in the Oval Office. Yet, I firmly believe that he was/is a true patriot, that he had the best interests of America at heart and that included having good intentions toward our allies and an ass kicking attitude toward our enemies. All that seems very different with the current president, so different that it cries out to be strongly criticized by former presidents. Yet, GWB has kept mostly mum on what he thinks of Obama's policies and actions. 

That is until now. If this report is correct, President Bush has unmistakably and strongly criticized President Obama over his willingness to do a nuclear deal with Iran while at the same time putting our allies in the Middle East into jeopardy (thus also jeopardizing us). I know it is not customary for a prior president to strongly criticize a sitting president but I think it about time that he did so, after all - our National Security and that of the Middle East and maybe the world depends on countries like Iran not getting nukes. Regardless, it is about time that GWB gives BHO at least a little of what Obama has been shoveling onto Bush for years now.

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