Monday, March 16, 2015

The Rattlesnake As A Symbol Of America... ultimately and completely appropriate. Any reference to rattlesnakes as a symbol for ISIS is not only less than respectful of rattlers and of America but also a bit of totally inappropriate, while probably unintentional, praise of the dirtbag terrorists within ISIS.

Recently, I read again, a piece declaring that ISIS is akin to the rattlesnake and therefore that it is about time we treat them as such and in essence annihilate them. It sickens me to hear any American degrade the creature that suits America perfectly or at least better as its national symbol than did the Bald Eagle ever do so. If you'd like to know why, you can read this current Internet version of a piece written by an anonymous author in the 1770's (now attributed to Benjamin Franklin by the site at the link but that, in my understanding, may still be contested). Allow me to point out that the linked version seems to me to be somewhat different in some points than what I remember of the version I originally saw in the book Snakes on the natural history of snakes by an acclaimed herpetologist way back in my very young youthful days. I particularly reference the blurb about an incomplete rattle button representing Canada; I do not recall that in any way shape or form being included in the version I originally read all those years ago (way to close to the time it was written as far as I am concerned).

The Gadsden Flag - A Truer Symbol of America Has Never Been
Yes, I am snake-wise, so to speak, and I realize that some things said about the rattlesnake in that linked treatise are not exactly correct when looked at in the light of today's knowledge about them. The thing is that it was written in the 1770's and probably was spot on as far as herpetological knowledge went back then. Anyway, even if the author knew he (or she) was taking some liberties with rattlesnake facts, the gist of the analogy of America to the rattlesnake is indisputable in the light of those and current times (at least pre-Obama). Thus, any comparison of a rattler to ISIS, is at the very best far fetched, ill informed, balderdash that does little more than give comfort to our enemy!

That America and her patriots are like the rattlesnake has long been American lore, from the 1770s all the way up through the music of groups like The Grateful Dead and through the renewed current zeal for use of patriotic symbolism as the Gadsden Flag. If you have any doubt, of rattlers being equated to America in the modern world, then just pay particular attention to the first two lines of the third stanza of Uncle John's Band:

If any of you still think that it is proper to compare ISIS and rattlesnakes as being akin to one another symbolically or in fact, all I can think is shame on you, you fucking leftist peckerwoods. Please note that I respectfully withheld such a statement until I provided evidence to the contrary of such a belief and you had plenty of opportunity to rethink your stand. With all due respect, I am hopeful that any American patriots, who once believed that ISIS and rattlesnakes were alike, have now had a change of heart and that I have not offended anyone among them.

All the best,
Glenn B

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