Thursday, March 26, 2015

Should I Call Him The Assistant Dean of ISIS Support...

...or should I just call him a treasonous leftist piece of shaite! Can this seemingly arrogant and pompous piece of trash at Cornell University truly be that anti-American as to say, in essence, that a major U.S. university would fully support programs to support ISIS and would allow ISIS to train students on campus? It appears so, at least if the below video is on the level.

He could not possibly be an assistant dean, at an ivy league college (is Cornell now considered ivy league), and be so ignorant as not know to what the person, to whom he is talking, is referring when he repeatedly mentions the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria - can he???  Then to say that it would be permissible at Cornell, to allow a freedom fighter from the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria to start a training camp for students on the campus and that students at Cornell routinely assist ISIS is beyond belief, at least in my mind. 

How this guy is still working at Cornell and not under arrest for conspiring to give aid and comfort to our enemy is beyond my understanding. But lest I sway you to my mindset on this, why not watch the video and make up your own mind. Just make sure to watch it all because if you just watch the first part you may wind up thinking he was never told the organization being talked about was in fact ISIS.


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