Thursday, March 26, 2015

Well, I Guess Jay Is Ruled Out As A Suspect... rigging a light switch, in a MA house, to trigger an explosion. An electrician working on a recently vacated house came across suspicious wiring that was found to go to a spark creating device attached to a container of accelerant. The device was hidden behind a newly plastered wall. Had the power in the home been on (it was not due to code violations) and the switch been flipped, the device would have caused an explosion that the police chief there said would have caused "significant destruction" (source). Luckily though, as I said above - Jay G has been ruled out as a suspect because the real suspects, allegedly who were the previous tenants of the house, moved out a week ago and Jay has been in VA for way longer than a week. Anyway, guns & ammo were not involved and that was more than enough hint that neither was our favorite formerly of MA blogger.

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