Saturday, February 28, 2015

For The Life Of Me - I Just Don't Get This Stance

 It looks sexy as all get up (in her case anyway) but really, I may never understand why anyone shoots in a lean over backwards stance like that instead of leaning forward at the hips and with your back. Yeah, I understand that maybe if you are in a life or death situation, you will shoot in a stance like that just because conditions only allow it but I have also heard all of the excuses, like the gun is too big, or this is how I am comfortable, or this is how they did it in the military, or this is how I learned from my dad, or whatever. The thing is if she was shooting a 12 gauge like that she likely would wind up on her ass like this gal did:
Yeah, I know, the girl with the sub-gun had better leg position from the look of it (probably the only reason a 9mm sub-gun did not knock her over) but even if she would not have fallen shooting a shotgun like that - she damned sure would have hurt her shoulder and maybe her back.
So, why someone would shoot and train like that on the range is beyond me. Why anyone would instruct you to shoot in that position is even further beyond my realm of comprehension but it does happen. Just look at how this instructor sets up the shooter for her first shot, she is definitely leaning backward - not as much as the sub-gun gal but definitely backward:

You shoot like you train so, if you train like that you will almost always shoot like that and it will accomplish only a few things. It will put unnecessary strain on your back, hips and legs, it will allow the recoil to affect you worse than had you chosen a better stance, it likely will result in poorer shot placement than had you done it right and it may knock you on your arse. Still though, that gal shooting the sub-gun sure does look damned good in that position.
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Glenn B

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B said...

For some reason, many women assume that stance when beginning to learn to shoot. Why, I don't know, but they nearly all do.

If not corrected they will get the habit of shooting that way.