Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Whatever Happened To Amber Vinson - Part 2

Just 4 days ago, I wrote a blog post asking: Whatever Happened To Amber Vinson". The answer was that if nothing else, she - a nurse from Dallas and the second victim to contract Ebola here in the USA - was almost entirely, but not quite completely, forgotten by the media. The media did manage to report that she was Ebola free after her struggle with that disease but only buried deep down in an article mainly about Nina Pham who was the first nurse diagnosed with it. One would have thought that the second nurse to be stricken with Ebola would have made the headlines as much as the first one did but alas that has not been the case, as I said. it seems she was almost forgotten by the media.

That changed a bit today when Amber Vinson was the headliner, well sort of. Actually, a small link to an article about her appeared under the headlined article which was about nurse rotten crotch Kaci Hockox - you know her - she is the one reportedly threatening to sue if she was not released from mandatory quarantine in NJ and now that se is out she is going to Maine (maybe so if she has Ebola she can share it with more of us, who knows). Well, back to Amber Vinson lest I really start ranting about what I opine are the lack of ethics on the part of that bitch other nurse.

Amber Vinson, as reported in this article today, is to be released from the hospital today. Wait a minute, let me correct that a bit. It suppose it was Amber Vinson who was reported as about to be released because all the article mentions is Vinson - it makes no mention of her first name. This should be big news just as it was when Nina Pham was released from the hospital. This should be great and happy news too. Above anything though, it should be Journalism 101 news and should be reported just as you would report about any other person. The reporter, the editor, the media outlet all should have assured that the who (as in who, what, when, where, why and how) should have been reported on correctly and respectfully. So why in Hades is the media apparently treating her as a second class citizen with apparent second rate articles in which they don't even bother to include her first name when naming her.

This woman deserves better than that. She deserves the thanks of America for having helped to combat this deadly disease within our borders and for following all the protocols that the CDC told her to follow. And she deserves our thanks, for in essence, taking a bullet for her country. With that in mind, allow me to express mine:


All the best,
Glenn B

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