Thursday, October 23, 2014

Talking About Close To Home... about close to work. This afternoon, at about 2PM, on Jamaica Avenue near 162nd Street (about 9 blocks from one of my work locations) a hatchet wielding man attacked and wounded two police officers, in a group of four of them all recent police academy graduates. One of the officers, hit in the back of his head, is undergoing surgery in critical condition. The other wounded officer sustained a wound to one of his arms. At least one, maybe both, of the uninjured officers opened fire, killing the suspect. During the shooting a woman passerby, about a block or so away, was also injured either by a stray shot or ricochet; she is reportedly out of surgery and recovering. More info here.

Surveillance video, probably from a local business, caught the assailant just as it appears he is winding up to swing the hatchet at one of the officers. Video link below:

The hatchet wielding man has not yet been identified. I am almost willing to bet that Muhammad is somewhere in his name but that is only a guess so I am only almost willing to make that bet. Anyway, here is hoping that the officers make full and speedy recoveries and likewise for the woman who also was shot. As for the guy with the hatchet, it seems he got what he deserved.

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