Sunday, October 26, 2014

German Delights

Sorry guys but I am not talking Frauleins right now, not German bier or kirschwasser either. I guess though, it may be the next best thing - German food. I stopped by Forest Pork Store yesterday and picked up 3 of their liverwursts - one Hildesheimer, one goose liver and one Kassler liverwurst. Make sure to check out the link to their liverwurst page to see what is in each. I also grabbed a large jar of Bauer's mustard with horseradish, a loaf of Lithuanian bread (weighs about 2 pounds - heavy, chewy and very delicious) and eight bratwursts. My brother-in-law, the elder, dove me and his mom there. My mother-in-law also picked up a bagful of goodies - all coming to my house. I know she got some bread, some gelbwurst (veal bolgna) and some Leberkase (the German version of spam I suppose).

Yesterday, for lunch, I had a nice, if thin (think diet), liverwurst sandwich. Then, yesterday evening, we all enjoyed grilled Bratwurst with fried (sautéed) onions and some deli salads from FPS. In fact, I had one and a half bratwursts (would have had two but again - think diet). The only thing that would have made it very much better would have been if I had indulged in one of the hefe weiss biers my son and his pal were drinking (again - think diet).

I have got to say, even without the bier, the food was absolutely excellent. I have been shopping at Forest Pork store probably for 45 years or more now. Used to go there regularly when I lived in Glendale and they were close by, currently shop there now and again since they moved to Huntington. They are about 15 miles from my house now, so not really all that far although in NY that can sometimes be a 30-45 minute drive. I have to admit, even though it is somewhat of a pain getting there and back - the food makes it worthwhile. While it ain't cheap, it sure is worth the trip so, I think I will be visiting a little more frequently than in the past few years. 

All the best,
Glenn B

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jon spencer said...

This sounds odd.
Liverwurst on crackers with a dab of grape jelly.
But it tastes good.