Sunday, January 26, 2014

R.I.P. Ammo - Wow It Goes Through Plywood, Glass...

...multiple layers of denim and even sheetrock! Can you imagine a bullet being able to penetrate sheetrock! Awesome dude, I never knew any bullet would ever be able to do that man!

They claim this innovative new ammunition will revolutionize law enforcement. Are they kidding? I hope so since law enforcement officers in the USA are taught to shoot to stop and not to shoot to kill. If this round was designed to be more lethal than what is typically carried by LEOs, then it should never be made available to law enforcement because it is not their job to be lethal agents of the government except under extreme circumstances and even then, as I said above, they are supposed to shoot to stop - not to kill. Of course, if killing someone was indeed the only way to stop them being a threat to life or limb or a secondary result of being shot to stop them, then so be it. Imagine though if it is so much more lethal as they seemingly imply and it hits an innocent bystander! Yikes.

My guess though is that almost as soon as its becomes commercially available, it will be banned by an act of Congress (at least for we the non-LE citizens as opposed the LE community and the military). At least an attempt at banning is to be expected with the twits we now have in Congress and the White House whether or not it actually is more lethal than other types of ammo. Why - just because it looks so nasty and they build it up to be so nasty. Anyway, it seems all so much hype; although, I imagine it would cause a nasty wound and I would not want to be on the receiving end.

All the best,
Glenn B

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