Saturday, January 18, 2014

It's Not Only NSA Spying on Americans

Apparently it could be any company with access to your personal information on the Internet. A perfect example of a company having too much information on one of its customers would be OfficeMax or at least the company from which it gets its mailing lits. OfficeMax reportedly sent out a $10 savings coupon addressed to a dad who lost his daughter, in April, in a car wreck. While that may not seem unusual in any way, consider to whom OfficeMax also addressed the offer: "Daughter Killed in Car Crash".

OfficeMax blames it on "a third party mailing list provider"; of course, why would they accept the blame in todays world of passing the buck and blaming the other guy just as our president seems to do every day.

As the dad is wondering, and as am I, why on earth would a marketing firm acquire and use that type of information. It is truly an outrage. Before any of you say it, yes I understand we all agreed to give up certain information when using the Internet but that is plainly extremely insensitive and the information could be of no practical use in marketing this long after the fact of the young lady's death. Someone should be proverbially horse whipped for this one.

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