Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Lunacy of Bloomberg And The Destruction of the 2nd Amendment

New York City officials are commencing enforcement of a 2010 law that bars anyone in NYC from possessing a rifle or shotgun that has an ammunition feeding device that can contain more than 5 rounds of ammunition (source). That is not only bizarre, it also is the most extreme anti-gun law on the books as far as I am aware, more restrictive than even NY State's SAFE Act. It is abject lunacy on behalf of a rabidly anti-gun proponent, one of the last official acts of a man about to leave political office.

The city is sending out notices to rifle and shotgun owners telling them that they have few options - they can immediately surrender their rifles and shotguns (that can hold more than 5 rounds) to the city and, and only after surrender, can sell them (apparently to someone outside of NYC) or can permanently move them outside of NYC, OR they can permanently remove such firearms from the city and provide the city with three types of specified documentation as to where the arms will be stored outside of the city limits OR they can call to discuss the matter if the firearms are already in compliance OR they "may request the option" to bring such firearm(s) to a gunsmith for permanent modification and if granted the option of permanent modification then must provide proof to the city that the gun(s) were left with a gunsmith, to that end, in a timely manner (source). I wonder if I will receive one, I have at least one firearm that was registered in NYC when I bought it many years ago - back when they said registration will never lead to confiscation. A law like this current one is every reason to oppose gun registration in your state or locality, as pointed out in the Truth About Guns piece linked above. 

Even the most libtard of libtards must realize that criminals will not surrender, sell or modify their guns. This action is aimed directly at law abiding gun owners and at the destruction of their right to keep and bear arms - what will be next - only single shot rifles and shotguns allowed! My guess would be that many, if not most, gun owning NYC residents will surrender their right to keep and bear arms and modify or get rid of their guns. Some lucky ones will have a place to store them outside of the city (my house would be okay for any of my friends needing such storage if legal). A few others may not abide by this Draconian piece of legislation and will instantly become criminals in the eyes of the lawmakers and enforcers of NYC. I don't think it will trigger a revolution; although, I think one should have been started years ago to have had a chance. We are so far gone in regard to the government emasculating us that I cannot see it happening now; and even if it does, those of us who join in are likely to be defeated almost overnight. Of course, those are not reasons not to start one, the first time around, the conditions were much the same.

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