Wednesday, December 4, 2013

It's Not Like It's Going To Turn Into A Police State...

...but the police in Iceland have created quite the sensation, they have done something they have never done before and that is shoot someone and kill him. It's also not like the guy did not deserve what he got. The deceased, of course while still alive, reportedly started threatening neighbors with a firearm. When the officers arrived, he reportedly started firing out a window at them and they returned fire. They later lobbed a smoke grenade or similar into the apartment and made entry. When they entered his apartment - they exchanged shots with him and he was shot dead. There supposedly has never before been an instance of the police fatally shooting anyone in Iceland.

There were not many more facts in the brief source article. I feel for the officer(s) who fired the shot(s) that killed the guy. It will probably be pretty difficult to psychologically cope not only with killing someone but with being the first police officer throughout the history of an entire nation to have killed one of that country's citizens by gunfire. Add to that, there are no others, with similar experiences, to offer him counseling or other support. My condolences also go out to the family of the deceased.

One has to wonder, why is there so little violent crime in Iceland especially when the ratio of guns to people is 1 gun for every 30 people living there. Iceland ranks 15th out of 178 countries for the ratio of privately owned firearms per 100 of the population (source).

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