Tuesday, November 19, 2013

What Glaring Error Was Made By Fox News Relative To Obamacare

Here is a link to an online article by Fox News about a woman who got screwed out of a tax credit that would have helped her afford Obummercare. Read it and weep for her. Read it and complain about her getting screwed. Read it an be upset because health care is none of the government's business. Read it and wish that Obummercare would have been a figment of a bad dream you had last night. Then tell me, what did Fox news do that was totally screwed up!

Have you figured it out yet? Read the article before you read more here. You will have to scroll over the blank area below, while holding down your left mouse key (or right one if you have your mouse set up for lefties). And no, it is not that the Fox News article says that what she was going to have to pay was lower than what she had been paying - when in fact she had not been paying for a health insurance plan before this for 15 years (but yes that shows how stupid was the reporter and editor who let that slip into the piece).

Here it is, start scrolling over the black box below while holding down the mouse key:

The Fox news article said that calls to the health insurance company Premera were not immediately returned. Why the fuck did they call Premera? Why didn't they telephone  Obama, and Biden, and Pelosi, and Reid with their questions about why she was getting screwed? Better yet, why didn't they just call them all inept assholes and be done with it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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