Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Deer - 3, Me - 0

Once again, I have returned from a deer hunting trip with no meat for the pot! Spent three days hunting - the deer won all three days and I scored nothing. I saw a total of 5 does while afield on my hunting trip and am almost certain that I heard a buck sneaking away from me. First off, I spotted three does the day before the season opened. I could have had a clean shot at two I saw together in the woods. They were probably 75 yards away and broadside to me. I also saw another doe, under an apple tree, on somebody's lawn (right next to the state forest). That one I waved to and talked to, it was only about 15 yards away from me at most and it just stood there, broadside, taunting me mercilessly. Somehow, I got the notion that it knew I could not legally shoot it. I thought I heard it snicker with glee as I walked away - but nah that could not be - could it! I also saw three does, under apple trees on the farm that used to belong to my uncle, but that was from my car so they don't count in what I saw while afield. The first three I mentioned were all when I was afoot in the field.

Then yesterday, day three of the season, I saw another two does but had spooked them. They were about 30-35 yards out and headed toward me. I had been still hunting, and was about to stop and take a rest when I took that one more step, cracked a branch under the leaf litter and saw them bolt. I tried to call them back and as I did, I heard another deer creeping away from the same spot in which they had been. No raised tail, no bolting away through the brush, just a branch cracking and a swooshing noise in the undergrowth, several times, going in the opposite direction than the one the does had taken. That had 'smart old buck' written all over it. Certainly smarter than me; I gave them all awhile and then tried to call them in, all to no avail. Also tried circling wide around to spot them again but that did not work either. Oh well, still a few weeks left in the season.

All the best,
Glenn B

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