Saturday, June 29, 2013

Fruit Of The Week - 2nd Edition

There I was thinking that I was going to enjoy the last two Franziskaner Weiss Biers that I had in my mini-fridge in the basement and indeed I had one. Ten the vodka caught my eye and I immediately thought of a nice fruity concoction to assuage my desire for fine spirits while at the same time having something healthy. I went upstairs and checked in the fruit basket and fridge. I was amazed to find our supply of fresh fruit at almost nothing. There were a few limes, two bananas, two kiwis, a bunch of green seedless grapes and some blackberries. There was also OJ in the fridge. What to do? I decided that despite the paucity of fruity goodness, I would go for it anyway so as to be able to write up my Fruit Of The Week blog entry for this week. This is the 2nd such posting in my latest line of regular blog entries that commenced just last weekend. In the past I have done sort of regularly serialized entries related to guns, others on shooting tactics and hooting pointers and others on history. So why not now to fine fruity drinks especially since they have caught my fancy as of late!

Okay, back to tonight. I took about a cup to cup and a half of blackberries, one kiwi, two bananas, about a cup of OJ, the juice and some pulp from one large lime, and nine standard sized ice cubes and threw it all into the blender. Then I blended it to a smooth but somewhat thick slurry. I added about 4 ounces of vodka to a 20 ounce glass, then poured in the fruity medley of my own contriving, stirred thoroughly and imbibed. I am enjoying it as I write this post. I can describe it in one word: Ambrosial!

I can see though, that tomorrow, long before our BBQ, I will have to head to Costco to pick up a case of bier or two, fresh fruit (bananas, pineapple, apples, kiwis, blackberries, raspberries and whatever), and maple syrup. The bier is for drinking (for me, my son and my two brothers-in-law and would be here and not on honeymoon for my new son-in-law too), the fruit for my family to eat and me to drink (as in one of my fruity mixtures), and the maple syrup to add to my secret recipe for fall off of the bone pot simmered pork ribs (which I will admit will contain at least one or two of whatever bier I buy).

By the way, I mixed up a nice dry rub for one of the two full racks of ribs I will prepare tomorrow. It is kind of a Memphis style rub, no sugar. It is going to be on the hot side if the pinch of it I threw into my mouth and swirled around a bit is any indication. I guess four teaspoons of freshly ground black pepper and two of finely ground cayenne pepper are going to give it some kick. That rack will be in addition to rack that I will simmer in the pot in my secret sauce (so secret I am not yet sure of everything that will go into it). I am salivating already just thinking of tomorrow's upcoming and very toothsome banquet - for it will be just that and of that I am sure!

All the best,
Glenn B

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