Sunday, June 23, 2013

Another Example Of Twisted Media Reporting

Read the headline that accompanies the video, then read it again. There is no other text, just the headline so it won't take you long to read it even three or four times. Think of exactly what it means then read I again. Then watch the video. Man was that headline absolutely wrong or what? While it may not seem important to you that the headline was incorrect, while you may say: Well they tried to do what it said and came close to achieving it so wasn't it okay for the headline to say what it said, while you may think this an unimportant piece of news and wonder why does it matter if the reporter(s) who wrote that headline to describe what happened were not factually correct - it is a sign that the media is somehow seemingly compelled to input its own twisted version of events into how they report news events to us. I mean, if they could not even get it right, in a case like the subject of the video headline in question, how will they ever get it right when it comes to reporting the news that is critically important to millions if not billions of us.

Here is a link as I seem to be having a problem embedding the video:

Whoever wrote that headline and whoever approved it needs to retake Journalism 101 or maybe watch a rerun of Dragnet in which Joe Friday says: "All we know are the facts..." for them to realize what is important in reporting the news.

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