Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I Think I Will Just Have To Carry My .45

With the passing into law of the NY SAFE Act (gun control act), it seems that 10 round magazines will be allowed after all, even after the law goes into full force. The thing is, they have to be owned prior to 90 days after the legislation was signed into law. After that - you would only be able to buy new 7 round (or smaller capacity) magazines. You can still carry 10 rounders that you owned prior to that but will only be allowed to load them with 7 rounds. Any higher capacity magazines would have to be sold or disposed of out of state,, destroyed or turned over to the Gestapo or KGB henchmen of the governor (as in the state police) before the end of a year from enactment of the law. Note, that is all only so in my understanding, check the law yourself to make sure that what I am saying is correct. I got my info here:

Looking at the law was, to say the least, a pain in the eyes. The legalese and the manner in which it is presented in broken sentences and broken paragraphs with numbers all over the place, makes it truly hard to decipher. That even after I spent 32 years in law enforcement.

I figure about the best way for me to remain in compliance with the new law is to change what I carry. Instead of one of my Beretta 92 series pistols (I have three of them) with their 15 round mags {grandfathered under the old law in NYS} and instead of my Glock 26 with 10 round mags and its 15 round mags {grandfathered under the old law in NYS}, I can just carry my Remington R1 1911 with its standard sized 7 round magazines. I'll just have to carry more mags at all times than I otherwise would have been carrying when I carried a 9mm.
By the way, I have already bought 2 bus tickets and plan to be at the rally/protest, of the NY SAFE Act, in Albany on February 28th. Hopefully my son will be using the second ticket. Hope to see some of you there. Yes, I probably will be armed. Last I heard, while Albany is the capital of the Sovietistas' Socialist Repooblik state of New York, it is not yet a gun free zone.

All the best,
Glenn B


James A. Zachary Jr. said...

It is strange that they did not expempt LEOSA permits from the mag limits. As a citizen, I kind of look at retired LEOs the same as I do active duty LEOs; they just are no longer on a payroll.

Glenn B said...

They did not exempt on duty police and peace officers either and probably not feds either (they are not considered police or peace officers by NY State). Federal agents are authorized by federal law and or regulation and that would probably legally trump state law. For cops in NY state, that is another thing altogether. It has been reported and I have heard a state legislator and a state senator both saying this was an oversight and police are subject to this law as it stands. So any police officer on duty in NY right now, who is carrying more than 7 rounds in his duty weapon magazines is violating this law if what they said was correct. In fact, calls have been made to amend the law just to correct that but I think it would be perfect if it were to remain the police equal to the non-law enforcement citizen. You can probably safely bet though 99.9% of them or better are carrying illegally right now and the state is totally ignoring it.

Just look to the other coast as well to see how much the police ignore the law. With the shootings of three civilians in the panic over that psycho ex-cop who is hunting LAPD officers and their families, how anyone can think police should be heavily armed is beyond me. Their chief and all the media are calling it a simple case of mistaken identity. Shooting of an innocent person is not a mere or simple case of mistaken identity and there were two seperate shooting involving 3 civilians shot! Where was the probable or just cause to shoot innocent people. Where were the imminent threats of death or serious bodily injury that the officers faced that brought them to shoot! Where was reasonable belief of anything on their part!

I think the police should be limited to less iof a round count than should be the people.

I guess I have just seen too many instances of real arse hats in blue, with guns, to think they deserve to be better armed than the remainder of the population.

All the best,
Glenn B