Saturday, December 29, 2012

Where In The World Are The Journal News Employees?

Well, for now it just seems like I should ask 'Where in NY are the journalists and other employees of the Journal News'! An intrepid blogger, at the blog Talk Of The Sound, has come up with an answer to the Journal News' interactive maps showing the locations of pistol license holders in NY's Rockland and Westchester counties. The Talk of the Sound has posted its own interactive map. This is how Robert Cox touts it in his blog: "The map indicates the addresses of all Journal News Employees in the New York Tri-State area." Click on the below link, to see the map in question:

As I am given to understand, some of the newsies are in a panic and reportedly have closed and or restricted their Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts (source). So, while you may not be able to contact some of these cowards, via online means, who apparently have virtually run and hid, you can still have the chance of conversing with them by chance. You see, the great thing about the map produced by Talk of the Sound is that it also includes many photographs of the Journal News' employees.

This gives all law abiding gun owners, and non-gun owners, in the area, the opportunity to say 'hi' to any of these reporters they recognize from the photos, whom they may inadvertently encounter during the course of a normal day. You know, like maybe you will see and recognize one of them by chance: at the supermarket, when picking up the kids from school, when at the public library, while walking down the street, when stopped in traffic and one is in the next car over, when in a barber shop, at church, or wherever and whenever you may encounter them. You see, you are one up on them, you can ID them by having seen their pictures. I am not suggesting that anyone do anything illegal such as stalking or harassing them. Yet, if you encounter one of them by chance and recognize them because you saw his or her photo on the map - how could it be wrong to: politely say hi, and nicely tell them you are a legal gun owner or not, respectfully tell them you think what they did was pretty abhorrent and with a reporters curiosity (but while remaining respectful) ask them how they feel about having had likewise done to them? 

I imagine this is going to give them something to think about and also maybe give them a moment to pause and think about the potential outcome of trying to screw with another group of law abiding citizens.

Hat tip to Charlie F for the link to the post at Breitbart.

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