Friday, December 21, 2012

End of Mayan Calenday Not The End For Me - How I Avoided Doomsday

Okay, the critters are fed and I can sit back down at the desk and start blogging again for the moment. I still have some chores to finish up, in anticipation of having about 25 folks over tomorrow for a Christmas party, but that can wait until I tell you how I cleverly broke the cipher of the end of the Mayan Calendar and figured out how to avoid doomsday. It was simple really and all the clues were there. First of all the Mayan calendar was ending today, then we had all the kooks who really believed that on this day would commence TEOTWAWKI, or the Zombie Apocalypse, or Armageddon, or the Rapture, or a collision with a huge meteorite, or the return of the dinosaurs (the carnivorous ones and they would be hungry, really hungry), or mass civil unrest, or an alien invasion (from other than Mexico) or WW III, or whatever other silly thing they could think of that would have been a real bummer for humanity. Then there were the incessant warnings from the folks at shipping companies like UPS telling us that today was the absolute last day to be able to ship in time for receipt before Christmas but only if you sent it superspeedyfastdelivery. Then there were all the folks buying up ammo, in a frenzy because of TEOTWAWKI and then after the most recent mass shooting in the face of strict gun control measures looming over us. Of course, there were the decorations everywhere, all reminding me it was the Christmas season.

It all added up and got me in gear and this year by some amazing twist of fate, I got all of my Christmas shopping done before Christmas Eve. Well, all of it for my wife's gifts and that my friends is a good thing. Had I forgotten this or that, well as you could imagine, it may have spelled out TEOTWAIKI - did you catch the change there - The End Of The World As I Know It. Thus I have avoided my own personal doomsday.

All the best,
Glenn B

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