Friday, November 9, 2012

I Am Selling Some Guns (what on earth is wrong with me!)

I hate selling guns but the truth of the matter is that I cannot keep every gun I own, otherwise I would go broke after some recent purchases at a couple of auctions over the past several months. So I decided to sell a couple to a few of what I own. I just sold the Browning Citori Lightning, that I bought in the spring, by way of I am going to ship it out today via UPS to a FFL holder in Illinois. I think I may also sell one of my pistols, a High Standard pistol in .22LR. I am thinking of bringing it to the gun show in White Plains tomorrow to see if I can sell it there, either to a dealer or to a pistol license holder who has the proper paperwork with him. I'll see how it works out and let you know later.

I did not fire the Browning shotgun since I purchased it and it was sold to me as unfired. It is probably the nicest gun I have ever owned. I would have given it to my son had he shown an interest in shooting it but he did not. So, I decided to sell it. The money will probably go toward another firearms purchase or maybe, better yet, into the bank from whence it came out of my savings account. Collecting and shooting guns can be a lot of fun so long as it does not bankrupt you.

As for the High Standard Dura-matic pistol, I have fired it but not much. I think I brought it to the range once. It is a nice gun too, pretty old and yet in excellent shape (and not with the addition of me having to say "excellent for its age", it is simply in excellent condition). I likely will not regret selling the Browning shotgun but I may come to regret selling the High Standard pistol one of these days. Then again, whom am I trying to kid , I think I have come to regret selling any of the firearms I have ever sold. Oh well, if I sell the pistol tomorrow, I may have enough cash to buy a case of 5.56x45mm, 62 grain, ammo. That would be a good trade off. Then again, there is no guarantee that I will sell it tomorrow or ever; we will see, i will depend on my mood tomorrow.

I may also try to sell a NEF Pardner 12 gauge single shot shotgun that I have on hand. I recently picked up a single shot Winchester shotgun and right now, as in this very moment, I am thinking I would prefer to keep that one. Of course, that could change at the drop of a hat and maybe I will sell it instead of the Pardner. The Pardner would probably be a better knock around gun than the older Winchester and the Winchester could bring...I will keep mum on what it could bring.

Once again, decisions - decisions - decisions!

All the best,
Glenn B

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