Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day At Hand And A Gun Show Weekend Coming Up

Election day has finally arrived - well for most of America anyway. Way too many people have been able to vote for months already and I think it criminal that they have been allowed to do so unless they are absentee voters. I strongly believe otherwise - there should only be one day on which to vote for all Americans. It is just blatantly unfair to allow voters in some states to start voting months ahead of regular election day yet disallow voters in disaster stricken regions, like NJ and NY after tropical storm Sandy, to vote after today if they cannot make the polls today due to hardships caused by the storm. Heck, they were not even sure of where all the polling places were to be set up for those who took the brunt of the storm and whose whole neighborhoods were destroyed.

Well, I know my polling place, or at least think I do. Regardless, I will vote today, even if I have to search out the polling place for hours in the event it was changed to some super seKrit location without them getting the word out to all of us. I tend to think though that it will be at the usual place inside of our village hall. If I could do it,  I would vote many more times than once, just as I suspect many Obama supporters will be doing. However, I cannot do that because it is illegal, unethical, immoral and just plain out very wrong as I see it and I could not bring myself to do it. If Obama is elected again we will just have to live with him and suffer under him for another 4  years or until the enough of The People have decided enough with tyranny and they revolt. You most probably can be assured - if he is elected again - that one of two things will happen by or in 2016: Either there will be a Republican or Libertarian elected to the office of president of the United States of America in 2016 or there will have been a new American Revolution before that election.

Speaking of revolutions, if there is one, my guess would be it will be a violent one. I believe The People will take the liberty of not only exercising the right to keep and bear arms but will exercise the reason it was enumerated in the first place - protecting The Constitution and putting down tyranny.

That brings me to the gun show, this weekend, at White Plains, NY. My bet is, that if Obama wins reelection, the show will be a whirlwind of arms and ammunition sales as has not been witnessed before. I would like to say that is only if dealers have half a brain between them all and charge reasonable prices instead of price gouging. Sadly, I think dealers will probably boost up their prices higher than ever if Obama wins again. Still though, the gun show will likely be akin to a feeding frenzy of very hungry sharks around a whale carcass and my guess would be that ammunition dealers will just about sell out of ammunition in calibers like 5.56x45 (.223),  .308, 7.62x39, .45 ACP, 9mm and other popular self defense calibers. Pre-ban high capacity magazine will sell like hotcakes. Firearms, in the above mentioned calibers will also be hot ticket items. If you think Obama is going to win, you might want to buy ammo now while it is still on the shelves. You also may want to consider buying stock in Sturm Ruger or in Smith & Wesson; gun sales across the nation are sure to soar again should he gain reelection.

What am I waiting for? I am going out to vote (after a cup-a-Joe) then I am coming back home to look online for some 62 or 64 grain 5.56x45 ammo.

All the best,
Glenn B

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