Monday, August 20, 2012

Six Years Of Crawling Along At Blogging

What do they call it - a blogiversary? Well, I guess that means today is mine. I have been at it for 6 years. Apparently, I am not very good at it, or at least not that popular, judging by the scant visits and pages views I have gotten in all that time. (Edited to add: Scant only as compared to others, I am still surprised that so many people have read my blog.) Maybe there is a trick in getting a blog more widespread and thus better viewed than mine but I do not know it. I always sort of thought my content was as good as some other blogs that have at least as many visits and page views in one year as my blog has had in all six years but that is just my opinion.

To date, according to, I have about 193,516 visitors (or 192,230 depending on where I look on SiteMeter for the info). I also have somewhat more than 288,000 page views. Those stats are for all six years. I wonder if that is right though because Blogger shows me as having 211,825 page views since only May 2008; I think that is when they started taking stats. It also says I had 9,530 page views last month but a chart they have shows me as having 10,902 page views last month! Go figure because I can't.

None of that matters very much. What matters are my readers. I hope those of you who do read my stuff find it informative and useful when it is meant to be such and just enjoy whatever else I write the rest of the time. Any respectful and reasonable suggestions on things you might like to see me write about, in my blog, would be appreciated.

All the best,
Glenn B


Anonymous said...

Happy Blogiversary (?)
I don't think my blog had many readers either and no one noticed when I left, now I've got time to accomplish things instead of blogging. The ranch keeps me busy anyways, along with working a job. At least I check in from time to time, maybe I should play "devil's advocate" again?
PS: Lose the captcha, makes it hard to comment.

Glenn B said...

I would read your stuff.

I must admit, when not blogging I do more of other things but one way or the other I am kept busy.

As for the captcha, without it, I get inudated with spam comments.

All the best,

Humble wife said...

Happy Anniversary! I personally don't understand what brings people to a blog...well maybe I do. You see I read a diverse group of blogs myself. In fact I bet many would be surprised because most of the blogs I read are by people that live lives far different than mine.

I look for blogs that are real. I look for blogs that sometimes teach me things other times they just make me smile.

I cannot explain things in any other manner. As to your anniversary...I am ever so glad I have been reading your blog all this time and that you are someone we on the Double Nickel call a friend!

Hope you have some cake to celebrate this occasion!

Your friend,

Glenn B said...

Thanks Jen, the feeling is likewise.