Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Time Is Right For...

Just Saying, Not yet Condoning.


Humble wife said...

I read an interesting theory a bit ago about why Roberts voted the way he did. The Pres has been so disrespectful to the court that this ruling was well thought out with an end game in mind. First thought was the dems have a momentary win then the right wins big and overturns it all.

That said, I am a skeptic by nature with politicians, and think the time is coming close for something.

Oh what times we live in.

Take care Glenn,


Glenn B said...

I too have heard that theory but the thing is he voted for it and it is law that will not ever be addressed by SCOTUS again. Roberts seemingly grossly twisted it to call it a tax when it seems it is not a tax at all. He did not need to take a chance like that hoping it would make the demoncrats look bad, they look bad enough already - now they look as if they were right about Obamacare all along. That was a bad decision as i see it, making them look right.

The democrats never thought of calling it a tax as a way to get it through. All Roberts had to do was vote against it and we, the American people, would have won our liberty. Now we are chained down by this huge financial burden and have lost a great deal of our liberty in how we can seek medical attention and care. Did this learned justice decide, all on his own, that it was worth the gamble to see if Obama or Romney would win. I think not. I think Obama probably intimidated Roberts and he buckled but that is just my hunch. Let's face it though, Obama seemingly has been about as disrespectful as anyone ever has toward SCOTUS and even seemed to be intimidating them a short while back. Otherwise, I think Roberts just went over to the dark side, lord knows others have done it before, look at Souter, so it is possible.

It does not matter if Romney wins, mind what I am saying, because even if he wins we need an overwhelming majority in the senate and house to repeal Obamacare. We need a lot more than Romney and it may not be possible with the numbers we need in the Senate. No, Roberts has another agenda, in my opinion, and I think it is that of a traitor or an intimidated coward.

All the best,
Glenn B