Saturday, June 23, 2012

Should You Let Others Know: What Did You Do To Prep This Week?

This week, after a considerable amount of thought, I have decided that, after this post, I will no longer post (in this blog) or comment (on other blogs) about what I have done to prepare for TEOTWAWKI. (I will continue blogging about guns and ammo and tactics and emergency preparedness and such but not about anything specific as to what I have done to prepare myself and my family.)

With all due respect to this great and very informative site, and to the site's owner, that asks the weekly question "What did you do to prep this week?", and considering I only commented now and then about what I had done to prepare in the past, I see no good reason to continue doing so and every good reason to cease from doing so. My stopping to do so though, from after today on, is exactly what I have done to prep this week. Now that I have gotten that out, let me also say, this though is the last week I will discuss the matter, of specifically what I have done to prepare for hard times, openly on the Internet.

The reason I have arrived at this conclusion to my no longer commenting on or blogging about what I have done to prep is that I believe it foolish to advertise just what preparations I have made and in essence to put out a sign saying: "Glenn B--------- has stocks of this, that and other survival things. If you want them - come and get them once the SHTF". I believe that leaving comments about my disaster preparedness could well be my and my family's undoing should bad come to worse; it seems an open invitation to marauders.

Maybe this seems a bit overly cautious on my part but I would bet there are people out there who already have zeroed in on the locations of those who have prepared for TEOTWAWKI events. Furthermore, I would be willing to venture my reputation that some of those same folks are willing to go to those locations with the intent of taking what I or you have for ourselves in the event of an emergency. It is just like a burglar scoping out a potential target before attempting his burglary. It is not all that difficult, in my understanding, for anyone to go online and track down an Internet user by using their IP address. In addition, it is not difficult to find almost anyone if you know their name. So, if you know my name Glenn B---------- and you input it into an Internet search, you probably would come up with my home address, or at least the village in which I live. If you actually found my residence address, you could input that into something like Google Maps and or Zillow and see what my house looks like and maybe even see some of my vehicles. With an aerial view, on a mapping program, you could certainly see the area around my home and figure the best way to assault it if you so desired.

In addition to finding out about my home address and the like, an Internet search could also reveal several other things about me that I might not want to have known during a TEOTWAWKI situation, well at least not known by potential looters, robbers, thieves and the like. For example, you could easily discover several forums or other website to which I belong and which I use regularly. You then could easily find forums posts in which I have discussed survival issues including my preparations, my stocks of food, supplies, firearms and ammunition, my stay-put or bug-out plans, my abilities, photos of my family and so forth.

My biggest blunder in that regard has been that I rarely posted any of this information anonymously and almost always used my full name when I did post in forums and when I did so on social media sites. Even if you do not have my IP address, you could easily identify me by way of me leaving a comment on someone else's site about preparations I have made. How? Just click on my user name on that site and what comes up but my blog. My whole name is never used on my blog as far as I can remember but there are links to forums and other sites I frequent. Since I use my real name in forums, you could click on ones to which I am linked and search me out there using my first name and last initial. It might be a painstaking way to do it but sooner or later you could identify me and then locate me and you could do it long before you actually planned to come and get my goods and certainly without me knowing that you had located me and mine

What has happened, is that I , like so many others, have become too comfortable with the Internet and with living in our world (here in the USA) that has essentially been pretty much free of the things that I should be worried about that could and quite possibly would happen under a true TEOTWAWKI situation. I plan to correct as much of that as I can do. One way to start the corrective process is to stop being so open about what preparations I have been making. I will no longer advertise how many firearms I own, how much ammunition I have, what long term foodstuffs I have purchased, how much water I have at hand, medical supplies I have and so forth - or even if indeed I even have any of it. I see no reason to keep posting a large virtual glowing sign for all to see saying - "Hey, if you don't have it then Glenn B sure has more than enough for himself and his family and you can find it here".

Now others may think they are well hidden by anonymity but my bet is that a savvy Internet user could easily track you down though the methods I mentioned and  through others unknown or little understood by me. I don't know about you but I truly believe that a major worldwide catastrophe possibly is coming to us soon, probably in the form of WWIII and I would like to be somewhat prepared for it if and when it arrives on our shores. I most definitely do not need to help someone who is not as well prepared to try to redistribute, against my will, what I have worked hard to have on hand.

In closing I will say this: If you know where I am and want what I have and are willing to try to take it away from me by force or other illegal means - beware - I will be quite ready and willing to legally protect myself and my family and what was meant to help me and my family survive from thieves,  bandits, freebooters, looters, outlaws, thugs, plunderers, ravagers, marauders, robbers, and the like.

All the best,
Glenn B

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