Wednesday, June 6, 2012

"Red Ape" Shirted Man Points Gun At 4 Year Old

The following is a somewhat disturbig video. Not a lot of graphic violence or anthing gory but a lot of threatened violence that may get your blood boiling. If the depicted armed robbery does not get you all fired up then listen to what the reporter claims police said about the only thing that will stop these bad guys. Hint, the police apparently forgot to mention that these guys getting shot during their next robbery attempt would be a way to stop them. As if that would not be enough to get me pissed off, the female reporter goes on to say she hopes they are stopped without anyone being hurt. I see no reason to wish that these two aleged robbers are not hurt the next time they try something like that, in fact I would think it a public service if someone shot them to put an end to their life of crime. Of course, there always is the option to arrest them by announcing "Police don't move" thus giving them the oportunity to create a hostage situation. I wonder, when will the majority of liberal arsehats in this country wake up to realize that one of the acceptable ways to deal with violent crime is to deal with the criminals violently if they are threatening folks with inmminent serious bodily harm or death and that it not need be the police who take such action but can also be legally armed citizens in self defense or in defense of others.

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Anonymous said...

There are some people who deserve to die, the robber deserves to die or at least get shot. Then deal with a very lengthy and painful recovery in prison.

Criminals would be more selective if they knew that they could possibly be shot with every evil act, they intend to commit.