Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Review of:

As you will soon be able to see, I got a little creative in a review of, one of the blogs to which I link and that I read on a pretty regular basis. Since they are holding a contest and offering some nice prizes for the best review they receive, I figured I would try my best at doing a realistic review of the site, while being creative, and making it fun to read. So I wrote it up from a post-apocalyptic perspective:

Journal Entry - June 24, 2013, Day 408

I've just been thinking of how we made it this long, remembering that first day, a month after the first one went off. Staying put down in our basement bunker for a month wasn't easy. Then coming up out of the rubble, of what I had once thought of as my beautiful home, and seeing the almost total devastation was really tough. Those terrorist bastards must have set off nukes. The world had come to an end as far as I could see - it was TEOTWAWKI  (the end of the world as we knew it).

What was to follow was tougher than that first day back above ground. The skies remained gray and somber for months, the air heavy and acrid with the scents of decay and lingering smoke. The survivors, what few we encountered, were ill prepared and in need. We helped whom we could with what we thought we could spare, even took in a few neighbors. Then the real bastards showed up, worse than the ones who set of the bombs. These were our fellow Americans, the ones trying to take, by force, what little we had for ourselves and our neighbors who needed our help. Dealing with the marauders to protect my family, our few surviving neighbors and our supplies was the toughest thing I have ever faced in my life. So how did we make it through this far?

We owed a lot to something I had taken for granted before this all came down. A blog called All the information needed to survive right there on every page. How to stock up on food and water, what emergency supplies to keep on hand, how to grow a garden and what seeds would be best, how to reinforce a basement or build a bunker, info on guns and ammo, tactics to protect us from marauders, whether to bug out or hunker down, and on and on. It was all brought to us by one blogger and his loyal readers whom he allowed to enter guest posts on the site. The amount of knowledge they shared was tremendous. Heck, the site even had links to retailers who sold most of the survival supplies we have in stock. So, not only did they let us know how to do it but also where to stock up on equipment and supplies.

Without the know-how that I gained, from, we would have gone the way of most of our community and most of them went the way of the dinosaurs - extinct.  My wife, daughter, son and I (and a few of our neighbors whom we helped)owe our lives to the fact that we knew how to survive and were well prepared to do so. We owe that all to, the most complete how-to survival guide I have ever seen.

Well, that's my review, based on what I think would be our experience after TEOTWAWKI. I hope you liked it and hope it has you heading over to check out

All the best,
Glenn B

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nice review and neat idea doing it post apocolypse style!