Monday, April 9, 2012

More Applications But No Jobs

I guess it is going to be fairly difficult finding a job being that I am in my late fifties, just got over cancer and the economy and job prospects both stink. I just got turned down for a job that I was very well qualified to perform. That after having been told by the interviewer that she was very impressed  by my qualifications and, in no uncertain terms, that she was sure her manager would hire me. Oh well, the search goes on.

My wife has just bought a new car. She has saved her money from her salaries (funny how my money from my job was our money all these years but what she earns is hers) to pay for her car (also funny how any cars I bought and paid for were our cars all these years) which only she will be allowed to drive (again funny as she has driven our current car more than have I). I overheard her tell my son that she may take delivery as soon as today. Lest you think I have gotten off track of writing about my job search, this new car deal has given me an idea. Maybe it is time for a road trip; one during which I can apply for, and hopefully work, some temporary jobs as part of my travels. Stop here and there, work here and there a bit, then move on to another location and do likewise all over again. If I find some employment that way, it would be great. If not, well, at least I can enjoy the trip. My guess is that now that it is spring, there must be some ranch or farm work available in rural areas. Maybe some laborer work in construction too.  I could pack a tent, my sleeping bag, some other essentials and hit the road the day or two after she gets the car. It does sound tempting.

Then again, if I do take a road trip, I would want to be legally armed with at least a handgun. That means I would have to wait until after April 18th when I am scheduled to qualify under the terms of LEOSA. Of course, I already qualified well within the last year at my last job. That may cover it and if the certification that they supplied me with is good to go under LEOSA then maybe I will be able to leave sooner. The bug has bitten me, let's see how bad the itch becomes.

All the best,
Glenn B


Humble wife said...

How about working on a fishing boat in one of the many lakes in NY. Your adventure of traveling and working makes me think this. I know you fish, and of course this could be fun!

By the way, I am sorry about not finding work...I would hire you if I was one doing the hiring.

Maybe you can go to the local community college and offer to teach defensive tactics, gun safety, something about your turtles, snakes, or lizards etc. I know you would do well and you are loaded with knowledge. You could create a curriculum for 10-16 weeks 2 times a week and present it to the hiring staff. It may have to be a voluntary position at first, but I am certain it would turn into a paid position.

Take care Glenn, and don't forget you have a lot to offer to anyone, any business, any where.

Your Friend,

Kansas Scout said...

Hang in there! Your not used to this but as one in construction who faces this routinely, your day will come. Keep plugging away.