Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Get A Load Of These Pants - Woolrich Elite Concealed Carry Chinos

I was visiting MArooned and saw that Jay posted about the NY Times doing an article on Woolrich's new chinos. That article gave a description of them as having, among other things, a pocket specifically designed to conceal a handgun! That intrigued me but who wants to read about it in the NY Slimes Times  - not me. So, I went right to the source at Woolrich.com and searched for chinos. There they were, listed as Men's 44919 Elite Concealed Carry Chinos! They seem like a good deal too, at $65 a pair; not that I usually buy pants at that high a price but hey even Levi's dungarees (for you youngsters, you call them jeans today) go for at least 2/3 that price lately and they don't have a concealed carry pocket built in.

If you don't want to bother visiting the Woolrich site, here is the info they supply on the Woolrich Elite Concealed Carry Chinos:

"These pants are ideal for situations where discretion is important. The Elite Concealed Carry Chinos have the clean profile of a standard pair of pants with no external cargo or utility pocketing, but offers the added advantage of of a hidden chamber pocket strategically constructed to reduce printing. It is made of 7.8-ounce 98% cotton/2% stretch twill fabric. It has a comfort waist with elastic side panels with three-ply, dual-chamber pocket bags. An inner chamber is accessible through an invisible zipper and allows for discreet carry option. Outer chamber provides provides conventional pocket function and additional benefit of reduced printing. Two knife openings. Reinforced crotch. Imported. Machine wash."

Now, mind you, this is not a fluke on the part of Woolrich. They also manufacture and sell:

Men's Elite CCW Shirt

Men's 44950 Elite Short Sleeve CCW Shirt

Men's 44923 Elite Short Sleeve CCW Shirt

Men's 44428 Elite Discreet Carry Twill Jacket

and others geared toward concealed carry. They all seemingly fall under the line called Woolrich Elite. Sorry ladies, so far it seems they only offer them for men. I imagine if they sell for men, ladies Woolrich elite garments will not be far behind but too bad they do not offer them now.

What a company. I may just have to buy my next set of hunting pants/jacket from them, something in wool (I sure could use some warm winter clothing and not just for hunting) and I may have to pick up one of those Elite Discreet Carry Twill Jackets this coming fall. (Hint: it would make a great birthday present, buy it for me now before they run out. That was just in case anyone in my family ever reads my blog. Oh well, one can dream.)

Now that you have been informed of this shooter geared apparel, why not consider Woolrich Elite next time you want to buy a piece of clothing geared toward concealed carry. (Nope, I don't get a penny or any other type of consideration from them for giving them a free plug.) We shooters need to support companies that support us or at least I think we should when we can.

All the best,
Glenn B

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