Monday, April 2, 2012

Ballseye The Plumber - Far From It...

...but I did manage to change the worn out washers on the faucet for the sink in the basement today; I did it without causing a major leak too. As a matter of fact, the faucet now works pretty good, no more drips and I actually got round to it before ruining the seat.

Last time I tried to change the washers the darned faucet just kept leaking. So, I got new faucet valves and installed them too. I actually picked out the right ones, out of what seemed like hundreds of choices at Home Depot, all without knowing the brand or size I needed. Just did it by sight and good guess work. Thing was, I thought I had screwed up and gotten the wrong ones because after installing them the faucet still leaked. I had to call a plumber for something else and decided to have them take a look see. They took out the old faucet seats and replaced them because that time round, the washers had gotten so worn it was metal on metal and that ruined the seats.  

This time though, I got to the washers right when they needed to be changed and the seats and valves were not ruined. Did a pretty good job if  must say so myself. Please, don't tell my wife or she may get the idea that I know how to do other things around the house and then she may get the idea that I should be doing them.

All the best,


Jungle Mom said...

I have a laundry sink that could use some attention. We finally got a little water pressure and now are discovering a lot of leaks!

Glenn B said...

I'll be right down that way but only if you send me the airfare first!