Friday, March 16, 2012

Obama Either Outright Lies or Just Gets Something Wrong Once Again

Is it that President Obama finds it difficult to tell the truth or is it that he is just ever so friggin stupid as he can not discern what is fiction and what is fact. Once again he tries to slam a member of the opposing party, this time, of all people President Rutherford B. Hayes. Why on earth he would say something negative about Hayes, who was president from 1877 to 1881 is beyond the scope of reason as I see it. I wonder, does he think he is going to score points against the Republican Party and his political opponents running for the Republican nomination by giving out misinformation about a past president long dead or does he really think he was going to forward his energy agenda by spreading baseless rumors. 

What President Obama reportedly said was:

"One of my predecessors, President Rutherford B. Hayes, reportedly said about the telephone: 'It's a great invention but who would ever want to use one?'"  

"That's why he's not on Mount Rushmore."


Well, first off, even I knew that the statement attributed to Hayes about not using telephone was a bogus one. I have known that since I was a schoolboy many years ago. The fact of the matter is that President Hayes was the first president to have a telephone installed in the White House. So, it seems the statement attributed to President Hayes by President Obama is just one of those silly rumors that spreads like wildfire once it gets going and as wildfires are often started by fools misusing fire, this rumor is still being spread but by a fool using his mouth in lieu of a match. 

You would think our president, as smart as he is supposed to be in that he was supposedly Harvard educated, would know better than to attribute a negative trait, such as being a technophobe, to a man who actually embraced modern technology of his day as did President Hayes. Then again, I wonder, what does President Obama care about the truth unless it serves his purpose at the moment. It just boggles my mind how dependent upon falsehoods he seems to be in his efforts to score political points.

I also wonder: Does this current President expect to have his likeness carved onto Mount Rushmore someday because he is overly dependent upon modern technology such as the teleprompter. Heavens help to assure us that it just does not happen.

All the best,
Glenn B


Humble wife said...

I tell you Glenn, when you have the media worshiping everything you say, truth becomes relative to your conversation.

We are in a world of hurt in this nation, not as a result of the media...but the media's lovefest with the left is compounding it.


LuckyLady said...

I checked the Quote Investigator and even he is not really sure who made this statement.

Reagan used the same quote in 1985 attributed to Hayes as part of a joke about his own longevity [RRHT]:

At a recent ceremony in which technology awards were given, Reagan recalled that President Rutherford B. Hayes once was “shown a recently invented device.”

“‘That’s an amazing invention,’ he said. ‘But who would ever want to use one of them?’ He was talking about a telephone. I thought at the time that he might be mistaken.”

It has been attributed to various people over the years in various putlications.

Do you really think it makes someone a fool to attribute something to an incorrect person when this has been done over and over again by various sources throughout the year.

This is truly a non-issue that you have tried to use to imply many things.

Explain how you knew this was not true since you were a school boy? I had heard the quote before but did not have a clue as to who said it.

Glenn B said...

I owe no explanation as to how I have known, since I was a school boy, that the quote was falsely attributed to President Hayes. It is a fact that I have known so. Maybe I was a good student, maybe I had good teachers too, I certainly had and have an interest in History. Do you doubt the veracity of my statement? If so, all I can say is what cheekiness.

When someone continually makes up bullshit, as I believe does our current president, then yes I believe him a fool regardless of what others have done. I am concerned with him not with others, are you trying to throw me off track. If others have done it, yet the truth has been out there for years and years and years, then isn't it foolish not to check up on claims you are going to make before making them - especially for a president of a country. I think so.

I also believe president a blatant liar. I hope you understand I am not implying anything, I am stating it outright, why should say anything like this by impoliucation when it is already clear.

As for your mentioning Ronald Regan using the Hayes quote as part of a joke, therein lies the difference between him and Obama. Regan used the bogus quote as a gag line in a joke, Obama used it to try to score political points and to secure policy. Does that make him a fool, to have used a bogus quote? Yes, that makes him a fool in my eyes.

By the way, the veracity of our president is not a non-issue, it is a major issue. It is of primary importance that we can trust our president and I find it difficult to trust a blatant liar with the security and welfare of our nation.

Heck, you just made an issue of Ronald Regan using the quote in, of all things, a joke. Okay for you to make issues but not for me, I think not.

Best regards,

Glenn B said...

Got an email notice about the following comment but I inadvertently deleted the comment, though not the email. So, I cut it from the email and am pasting it below. Came from the same person who commented above as far as I can tell. My apology for not posting it directly:


"How can anyone score points off a statement like this?

I know you will not tell just as you will not reveal the source of your vast knowledge of this statement.

You are entitled to your opinion about Obama. As I say "The truth is what you believe it to be."

Anyhow that is not why I came back to this post. Thought this was also appropriate about the topic of everyone being offended about everything:

If it weren’t for throwing conniption fits, we wouldn’t get any exercise at all.


My reply:

I did not say he would score points but that he tried to do so. Watch the news clip of him saying it, if you can still find it, and you will see what mean.

As for my so called vast knowledge of the statement falsely attributed to Rutherford B. Hayes, my knowledge is actually quite limited. Knowing that it was not actually made by him and that he in fact did like technology is not a vast amount of knowledge so why are you exaggerating things? You are apparently, as I see it, trying to discredit me in some way and it astounds me that you would try to imply I did not know that the statement was falsely attributed to ayes when I was a youngster in school. I did know, it is as simply as that and if you do not like it or want to question how I know I suggest you check the historical records yourself and learn something factual about one of our presidents. Information is currently available on the Internet so you will not even have to go to a library to research him in a book nor will you have to pay attention in class to your history teacher, and will not even have to ask an intelligent question of your teacher.

The truth maybe what you believe it to be, until you become knowledgeable and discover what you believed had been false. Tghe fact that Obama does not research what he blabs has been obvious before and was again obvious with ths slip of the tongue. You can choose to be ill informed, or claim to be so, but the reality of the situation is that a person, with the responsibility of our president should get his facts straight before trying to lambaste anyone to his own advantage. Remember, this man is supposed to be Harvard educated, he is president, yet he would choose not to know the real facts that Rutherford B. Hayes was the first president not only to have a telephone installed in the White House but also the first to have typewriters used in the White House and he was so advanced for his time that he was married to the First Lady to have been a college graduate. He was not afraid of technology nor advancement of ideas and is also know for his great integrity. Too bad our current president apparently does not at least have that integrity so as to get it right when he quotes another president..

Best regards,