Saturday, March 31, 2012

My Annual Ammunition Inventory

I decided to get a bit busy today with straightening out the man cave basement. I just got done, after a couple of hours that accomplished only a little of straightening up but a lot of counting. I have a lot of straightening left to do tomorrow. Ah tomorrow.

For today though, that counting stuff I did was my annual ammunition inventory. Let me just say  have enough ammunition to shoot for quite awhile. I had a few surprises when doing the inventory. I no longer have any .30 carbine, nor do I have any more .357 Magnum. I guess I gave or traded or sold those calibers right out of stock. I do not make it a habit to sell ammo since I am not a business but sometimes sell a couple of boxes of something for which I have no to very little need. That was pretty much the case with those two calibers. I wish I still had some .30 carbine, that could make for some good future bartering deals but that is just a dream now.

Another surprise I had was the amount of .38 Special ammo that I have in store. I have about 3 to 4 times what I thought I had in the ammo locker. That is a good thing. For some reason I had thought I had reduced my supply much more than that so this really was a nice surprise. Yet another surprise was how much 22 Magnum I have at hand. Let me just say, that even though it is a goodly number of rounds, it will not last long once my son and I hit the range this spring and summer with the Marlin 25MN. There were two other surprises, these not the last. I had more 40S&W than I had thought and I have less .45 Auto than I would like. As for the .45 Auto, I guess I just gave or traded away too much of the little I had in supply. I guess I still have enough for a fun hour or two at the range or for a couple decent trades.  I also was surprised by how much .22LR I have around. It is a substantial amount. Finally, I was absolutely joyful at how many rounds of 9mm I have in my supply. It will make for shooting fun for awhile.

I am not going to give the exact amounts of anything, enough said above already. I used to post my inventory totals but decided against continuing that practice a few years back. Let me just say that if my ammo cache is ever raided by LE, it will be reported on by the media as being an ammo depot or an arsenal's worth of ammo. Then again, if I had a couple of bricks of .22LR and a half case of 9mm, with one box of each of everything else - they would report it the same way. I will admit though, I have a bit more than that.

All the best,
Glenn B

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North said...

To the media every bullet represents a dead child. There are those that would want you convicted for the murder of someone for every round in your box of 50. Nevermind that you poke holes in paper with them, having the means to defend yourself is just too scary for the weak-bowel liberal.