Friday, March 4, 2011

My Favorite Libation & The Walking Dead First 6 Episodes

I figured what could be better than some good stiff Irish Whiskey and a bunch of walking stiffs so, on the way home tonight, I picked up 2 bottles of Knappogue Castle Irish Whiskey. Why 2? Because there was a bottle of their 1995 labelled vintage and the new stuff labelled 12 years old. The newer stuff seems just a tad darker and I will bet it will taste just a bit different. so I got both, the 1995 labelled one for later, much much later (as maybe a keepsake for future years). I sat down several minutes ago, tuned in the tube and settled back as I turned on AMC. Great, only 2 minutes till show time. Brendan called down to me, then came down and gave me a t-shirt. I had us both pause a moment to watch the opening scene of the show, then took a good look at the shirt. I is OD and pictures Walter, one of the characters from The Big Lewbowski, in star spangled red, white & blue face. Above his head, going from ear to ear, it says:


Okay, great, I love it. What else did he say in the movie: "I'm just sittin' here drinkin' my coffee"? I think that was it. Well, I'd just be drinkin' my Irish in a moment but first I thanked Brendan. Brendan went back upstairs and I took the metal trim off of the bottle top. I was about to grab the stopper, the plastic topped cork stopper and pull it out, when it fell off. Not a good sign when the cork has dried so badly as to fall apart like that, or maybe it got broken when put into the bottle. Well anyway, and I am not about to figure which, that bottle will be headed back to the liquor store tomorrow. If it crumbled and cracked because it is dried out then chances are that the booze has been effected and not in a good way either. I have had wine bottles with dried out corks and the wine tasted like piss and vinegar. If it just broke off, well then once I get it out, with what am I supposed to seal the bottle? I will leave it just as is because I am not about to take a chance on a $41.00 bottle of whiskey and then when I try to return it maybe they will and maybe they won't take it back thinking I opened it and did something to it. This way they can see it was messed up and they can return it to the distributor as is - broken cork still in the mouth of the bottle - bottle unopened.

Shit Heck, now I either have to have some vodka or maybe the bottle of Louis Jadot beaujolais I just picked up for the wife. Wine and zombies, nah just doesn't seem as right as wine and vampires would seem. I think I'll stick with the hard stuff. I have a bottle of potato vodka somewhere around here, now to find it during the next commercial break and grab myself a small dram of those fine spirits.

By the way, he just shot bicycle girl! Great show but where in Hades is season number 2????????????

All the best,
Glenn B

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Glenn B said...

I fell asleep in episode 5. Never did have a drink, had a Klondike Bar instead!