Thursday, March 3, 2011

Close The U.S. - Mexico Border - Now

With all that has been going on in Mexico and the U.S. that is related to violence carried out by drug cartels, isn't it high time that we close the southern border. In my personal opinion, I think it is time for it. I also think it a shame we do not have anyone in government with balls enough to order it but again that is my personal opinion and I would so much like to be proven wrong. How many of our citizens or others have to die before we take this quite appropriate action. Let Mexico handle its problems by itself while we isolate ourselves from them. Put the military along the border, not to police our country but to prevent any further invasion of illegal aliens, and of drug smugglers and murderers. What has brought me to the point where I feel it necessary to close the borders. Well, to tell the truth, it was not the murder of my fellow ICE agent, nor the wounding of his partner, nor was it the killing of the Border Patrol Agent in Arizona, nor the killing of the tourist on the jet ski in Texas, nor the shooting of the missionary in Mexico, nor the killing of the Arizona rancher apparently by someone who entered illegally from Mexico then simply walked back across the border after the murder. Nope it was none of them.

It was this:
Police: Arizona Beheading Incident Tied to Mexican Drug Cartel. Yeah, I realize it was probably a dirt bag, slime ball, drug smuggling illegal alien piece of shit who was killed and beheaded but the thing is this: Now this country has become as bad as Mexico. Not yet by the number of murders but certainly in the depravity. Well, could you ever have truly been surprised that it would come to that, what with so many illegals from down there up here. Oh yeah, that's right: If you are a leftist who has bent over backwards to kiss the ass of ILLEGAL aliens (aka: criminals) from Mexico, drug smugglers from Mexico, and allies of illegal aliens in groups like La Raza, I suppose it would come as a surprise to you. I mean, after all, hasn't it been you who have been bullshitting telling us as how good for the USA is illegal entry of Mexicans into this country.

Nope, after all is said and done, it seems you were wrong. People who thought like me were right. Illegal aliens crossing our borders, almost unabated, then allowed to remain here is our death knell as a nation and will only lead to a high rate of worse and worse criminal activity committed by the illegals. We thought it was bad with gangs like MS-13, well we ain't seen nothin' yet as far as the violence of the cartels goes; they make MS-13 members look like bumbling amateurs. These recent acts of violence and deaths, and now this beheading, are only the first taste of it. That is, unless someone in DC grows a set of balls huevos and gets them lo mas pronto posible (oh, I am so confused, which language should I use, oh that's right it's English) as soon as possible and orders the military to the southern border to stop the invasion by way of a complete border shutdown.

Again folks, THAT IS MY PERSONAL OPINION and it in no way shape or form effects how I do my job; I have to follow the rules, regulations, laws and orders without prejudice! Then again, it would not be prejudice, nor would it be a violation of any U.S. laws, to shut our borders down. The national emergency is here, the invasion has been ongoing for years, we are now reaping what the ultra leftists we have sown and we are, for the most part, ignoring it. The truth be told, it is not going to ignore us if we get in the way - it will just cut us down much like they cut off that guys head or killed all those others I mentioned. We really ought to shut it down and let Mexico fix itself. A border shutdown - a serious, complete and long term one - would certainly be a surefire incentive for hope and change in Mexico.

All the best,
Glenn B


Kansas Scout said...

Very well said. I have been monitoring the blood fest in Mexico with the beheadings and slaughter that our media really does not say much about. It's a horror show there and the LEO's on the border have been warning us it's coming our way. Well, I'd say it arrived. There will be more. I think the Gov will be forced to take more forceful action after some horrible event of more deaths here. It was sad that it took the deaths of Federal agents to finally get folks attention. At least it did. Now way would I go to Mexico unarmed.

Chris Byrne said...

As a long time Arizona resident, only escaped a year ago to North idaho; I can only say, absolutely right sir.

Humble wife said...

Now is not soon enough but have to do...