Friday, February 25, 2011

Trojan Tri-Phoria???

Are they kidding? Does the Trojan company really believe it appropriate to advertise vibrating massagers on television? Do the stations and the cable providers think it appropriate? I am not a sexual prude, never was and never will be, but that is, in my opinion, something better kept in sex shops or behind the counter in a pharmacy.

I think that to actually advertise it, in that wedding shower commercial (yes that is a link to the commercial on YouTube but then this is not television and you can either choose to click on it or not to watch it), is one thing. I think it a bit disturbing. To show women with the with their hair 'blown' back, apparently from having used it is another also a bit disturbing. I think that for the woman to receive as gifts not only 1 but 3 of them is a third thing that, again, is to me a bit disturbing. I also think that to have her go home and tell her boyfriend or husband that they got them for a present to which he replies SWEEEEEET, in what I can only interpret as a high pitched squeal of anticipation - almost as if he anticipates having his hair blown back by his own use of one, is truly disturbing.

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Humble wife said...

Ok I know I am a prude to the world- and my sister has reminded me this week, but this is shocking to me anyhow.

I have been packing up things for my mom and began to look through her Vermont Country store catelog...holy crapfest...I was shocked! All varieties colors etc. a country store catalog. I have not have television for a few years to save money and to be honest dont miss it...but a catalog!!