Monday, February 21, 2011

A Good Reason or an Example of a Good Reason To Be Armed?

This video is old, at least a year old, maybe older. remember seeing it and thinking the guy was crazy and I would have either shot him or run him over if possible, if I had been in that blue car and could not drive away immediately. Then I heard maybe it was all a set-up. If it was a set-up, all preplanned just to make aa video, well - it is still a good example of when you would be able to use deadly force to end the threat. if this was a real situation, it is obvious that the guy is absolutely wreckless with regard to the people in the car and their well being, it is obvious that he presents a threat of serious bodily harm and or death, it is obvious that the folks in the car cannot get away fast enough to avoid at least several hits that could have hurt them, it is obvisous that had they been armed the threat may have been over much sooner. Had I been in that car, and that really been happening, there is virtually no doubt in my mind, I would have defended myself and the other person in the car with deadly force.

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Had I witnessed that, I am fairly certain I would have done everything I could to stop it.

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Glenn B

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Kansas Scout said...

I saw that one a year or so ago too. I remain convinced it's real. It might have been set up but the assault was real and I don't think the victim was in on this. Like you I would have shot the bastard. I have met people like this and they are dangerous animals. Thank God for jails.